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1538* Henrician Proclamation Commentary: [1]
1553* Totell's Printing Patent Commentary: [1]
1553William Seres' Printing Patent
1553John Day's Privilege for the Catechism
1554Selected Extracts from the Stationers' Company's Registers
1557* Stationers' Charter Commentary: [1]
1558Calve's privilege for the 'Holsome and Catholick Doctrine'
1559* Elizabethan Injunctions Commentary: [1]
1559Day's The Cosmographical Glass
1559* Day's privilege for The Cosmographical Glass Commentary: [1]
1559Seres' patent for Primers and Psalters
1559Totell's patent for Common Law Books
1566* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1586* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1624* Statute of Monopolies Commentary: [1]
1637* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1643* The Humble Remonstrance of the Stationers' Company Commentary: [1]
1647Ordinance against Unlicensed or Scandalous Pamphlets
1649An Act against Unlicensed and Scandalous Books and Pamphlets
1653An Act for reviving [the 1649 Act]
1662* Licensing Act Commentary: [1]
1662Licensing Act (parchment copy)
1663L'Estrange's Considerations and Proposals
1690* Locke's Second Treatise on Government (selected extracts) Commentary: [1]
1693Locke's Memorandum on the 1662 Act
1695Reasons for objecting to the renewal of the Licensing Act
1721Burnet's Bill of Complaint and Chetwood's Answer
1735The Case of Designers, Engravers, Etchers, &c.
1737* Booksellers' Bill Commentary: [1]
1741Pope's Bill of Complaint, and Curl's Answer
1751Tonson v. Walker
1769* Millar v. Taylor Commentary: [1]
1773Information for Messrs John Hinton et al
1773Information for Alexander Donaldson
1774* Donaldson v. Becket Commentary: [1]
1774The Cases of the Appellants and Respondents
1774The Pleadings of the Counsel before the House
1774Macauley's A Modest Plea
1801A Bill for the Further Encouragement of Learning
1812Petition of the London Booksellers
1813Petition of the Edinburgh Booksellers
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (18 May)
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (7 June)
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (12 July)
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (15 July)
1818Select Committee Report on the Copyright Acts
1818Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence
1828* Maugham's Treatise Commentary: [1]
1832Select Committee Report: Dramatic Literature
1833Parliamentary Debates on the Dramatic Literary Property Act (12 March)
1837Copyright Bill (6 June)
1838* International Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1839Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Bill (1 May)
1842* Lowndes' Historical Sketch of the Law of Copyright Commentary: [1]
1844* International Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1844International Copyright Bill
1853Blaine's Laws of Artistic Copyright
1854* Jeffreys v. Boosey Commentary: [1]
1860Turner v. Robinson
1869Graves’ Case, London Commentary: [1]
1870* Copinger's Law of Copyright Commentary: [1]
1872Correspondence and Papers on Colonial Copyright
1874Correspondence respecting Colonial Copyright
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence
1879Memorial of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
1886Correspondence respecting the Copyright Union