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1507* Eloy d'Amerval's privilege Commentary: [1]
1515* Galliot Du Pré's Privilege Commentary: [1]
1530* La Fleur de la science de pourtraicture
1531Francis I's letter patent to Pierre Attaignant
1547* French Censorship Act Commentary: [1]
1551French Censorship Act
1552* General privilege granted to Adrien Le Roy and Robert Ballard Commentary: [1]
1586* Simon Marion's plea on privileges Commentary: [1]
1607General privilege granted to Pierre Ballard
1618* Book trade regulations and incorporation of the Parisian book trade Commentary: [1]
1649Book trade regulations
1650s* Vitré's memorandum on the prolongation of privileges
1656* Privilege du Roy [Charles Le Brun]
1660* Decree on Engravings
1665* French book trade regulations
1676* Decree on Sculptures
1686* Book trade regulations
1690s* Memorandum on the dispute between the Parisian and the provincial booksellers Commentary: [1]
1701* Royal letters patent Commentary: [1]
1714Decree on Fine Arts
1744* Code de la Librairie Commentary: [1]
1725French book trade regulations
1725-1726* Pierre-Jacques Blondel's memorandum Commentary: [1]
1725-1726* Louis d'Héricourt's memorandum Commentary: [1]
1749* Crébillon case Commentary: [1]
1759* Sieur d'Anville's contract Commentary: [1]
1761* La Fontaine case Commentary: [1]
1762* Royal declaration on privileges granted to inventors Commentary: [1]
1763* Diderot's Letter on the book trade Commentary: [1]
1764Parisian Booksellers memorandum
1770Avis aux gens de lettres
1770* Luneau de Boisjermain's case
1776* Gaultier's memorandum for the provincial booksellers Commentary: [1]
1776* Fragments on the Freedom of the Press Commentary: [1]
1777* Royal declaration on sculpture and painting
1777* French Decree of 30 August 1777, on the duration of privileges Commentary: [1]
1777* Linguet's memorandum Commentary: [1]
1778* Pluquet's letters Commentary: [1]
1778Decree on counterfeitings
1779Séguier's report
1780Beaumarchais's report
1780Decree on Dramatic Literary Property
1780* Dramatic Act
1786* French Decree on Musical Publications
1790* Sieyès' report Commentary: [1]
1790Boufflers' report
1791* Le Chapelier's report Commentary: [1]
1791* Report of François Hell to the National Assembly Commentary: [1]
1791Beaumarchais's petition
1790* Petition by the printmakers and proprietors of copperplates to the National Assembly, May
1793* French Literary and Artistic Property Act Commentary: [1]
1794* Petition by citizen makers of plaster casts to the National Convention, 3rd March
1810Imperial decree on the book trade
1814* Court of Cassation on sculptures Commentary: [1]
1814* Court of Cassation on compilations Commentary: [1]
1825Merlin on counterfeiting
1826* Minutes of the 1825-1826 Commission
1828Court of Appeal on moral rights
1834* Balzac's letter to authors
1841* Report of Lamartine and parliamentary debates on literary property
1841Court of Cassation on artistic property
1842* Court of Cassation on artistic property Commentary: [1]
1844Act on the property right of playwrights' widows and children
1845Court of Appeal on right of publication
1845* Court of Appeal on translations Commentary: [1]
1851* SACEM's act of constitution
1852* French International Copyright Act
1853Court of Cassation on translations
1854Literary and Artistic Property Act
1857* Court of cassation on originality
1861* Court of Cassation on telegraphic news Commentary: [1]
1862* Court of Cassation on photography Commentary: [1]
1868* Proudhon: 'Les Majorats littéraires'
1866Reports of Riché, Perras, Sainte-Beuve.
1866* Literary and artistic property act
1867* Cour de Cassation on moral rights
1869* Court of Cassation on originality Commentary: [1]
1872Morillot on the personal right of publication
1878* Morillot on the author's right
1887Court of Cassation on international copyright
1902* Court of Cassation on moral rights Commentary: [1]