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Institution U.S. House of Representatives

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1789House Joint copyright and patent bill decision (United States)
1789Joint Copyright Patent Bill [H.R. 10] (United States)
1790* Copyright Act (United States) Commentary: [1]
1834Letters from Sumner to Story (United States)
1837Memorial of a Number of Citizens of the United States (United States)
1838Address of Certain Authors (United States)
1838Memorial of a Number of Citizens of Boston (United States)
1841S. 227 (Dramatic Works Public Performance Bill) (United States)
1848Jay, Bryant and Others' Memorials (United States)
1853Letters on International copyright (United States)
1856* Copyright Act Amendment (United States) Commentary: [1]
1865* Copyright Act Amendment (United States)
1870* Copyright Act (United States)
1872Correspondence and Papers on Colonial Copyright (United Kingdom)
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence (United Kingdom)
1880* Kohler: Author's Right (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1890Report on H.R. 10881 (United States)
1894Report on H.R. 6835 (United States)
1896Report on H.R. 1978 (United States)
1896Report on S. 2306 (United States)
1896Hearing on H.R. 5976 (United States)
1896Treloar Copyright Bill (H.R. 5976) (United States)
1896The Question of Copyright (United States)