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1786New York Copyright Statute (United States)
1788The Federalist No. 43 (United States)
1789Ramsay's Petiton House Record (United States)
1789House Joint copyright and patent bill decision (United States)
1789Joint Copyright Patent Bill [H.R. 10] (United States)
1790* Copyright Act (United States) Commentary: [1]
1828Letter from Donaldson to Peters (United States)
1828Letter from Donaldson to Wheaton (United States)
1834* Wheaton v. Peters Independent Report (United States)
1843An Address to the People of the United States (United States)
1852Copyright and Natural Right (United States)
1853'Uncle Tom' at Law (United States)
1882Oscar Wilde photograph (United States)
1885Carte v. Duff (United States)
1888American Authors and British Pirates (United States)
1888The International Copyright Bill (United States)
1891Falk v. Brett Lithographing Co. (United States)
1893Falk v. Donaldson (United States)
1896The Question of Copyright (United States)