Occupation dramatist

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1 Andrieux, François Guillaume Jean Stanislaw
1 Auger, Louis-Simon
1 Augier, Guillaume Victor Emile
2 Bayard, Jean-François Alfred
3 Boucicault, Dion
1 Bretón de los Herreros , Manuel
1 Bretón de los Herreros , Manuel
1 Bretón de los Herreros, Manuel
1 Buckingham, George Villiers, 2nd Duke of
1 Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley
1 Byron, Henry James
1 Calderón de la Barca
1 Calderón de la Barca , Pedro
3 Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
1 Cibber, Colley
11 Corneille, Pierre
1 Cowley, Hannah
8 Crébillon, Prosper Jolyot de
2 Dancourt, Florent Carton
1 Delavigne, Jean-François Casimir
1 Dibdin, Charles
1 Dubourg, Augustus William
1 Duval, Alexandre-Vincent Pineux
1 Fenouillot de Falbaire de Quingey, Charles-Georges
1 Field, Nathan
1 Foote, Samuel
1 García Gutiérrez, Antonio
1 Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievich
1 Gozlan, Léon
1 Greene, Robert
1 Halliday, Andrew
1 Hardy, Thomas
1 Hartzenbusch, Juan Eugenio
1 Holcroft, Thomas
2 Jerrold, Douglas William
1 Kenney, James
2 Killigrew, Thomas
2 Le Sage, Alain René
1 Lemercier, Népomucène
4 Macklin, Charles
1 Marston, John Westland
5 Milman, Rev. Henry Hart
3 Mitford, Mary Russell
10 Molière
1 Musset, Alfred de
1 Naevius, Gnaeus
5 O'Keefe, John
1 Ochoa, Eugenio de
1 Oxenford, John
1 Peake, Richard Brindsley
1 Phillips, Watts
1 Picard, Louis-Benoît
1 Planché, James Robinson
4 Pradon, Jacques
1 Pérez Escrich, Enrique
13 Racine, Jean
1 Rastell, John
1 Reed, Joseph
1 Rhodes, William Barnes
1 Robertson, Thomas William
1 Rodríguez y Díaz Rubí, Tomás
2 Rowe, Nicholas
1 Rowley, William
1 Ryer, Pierre du
2 Saint-Georges, Jules-Henri Vernoy de
12 Schiller, Friedrich
1 Scribe, Augustin Eugène
2 Serle, Thomas James
6 Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
1 Simpson, John Palgrave
1 Soulié, Frédéric
1 Speroni degli Alvarotti, Sperone
6 Steele, Sir Richard
2 Taylor, Tom
1 Tobin, John
2 Wycherley, William
3 Young, Sir Charles Lawrence
2 Étienne, Charles-Guillaume

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