Occupation judge

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3 Abbott, Charles
5 Adams, Richard
2 Alderson, Edward Hall
1 Almonaci y Mora, José Manuel
1 Anstruther, Sir Alexander
1 Armesto y López, Francisco
9 Ashurst, William
17 Aston, Richard
4 Atkyns, Sir Edward
1 Basualdo y Guardamino, Manuel María
1 Baudouin, Manuel Achille
5 Bayley, Sir John
2 Best, William Draper
1 Bingham, Thomas
28 Blackstone, William
1 Boswell, Alexander
1 Bovill, Sir William
3 Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher
1 Bramston, Sir John
2 Bridgeman, Sir Orlando
4 Brown, George
1 Bruce, Robert
3 Buller, Sir Francis
1 Burke, Aedanus
1 Byles, Sir John Barnard
4 Bynkershoek, Cornelis van
3 Campbell, Ilay
9 Campbell, John, 1st Baron Campbell
4 Carpzov, Benedict Jr
1 Catlyn, Sir Robert
1 Caussin de Perceval, E.
8 Clarke, Sir Thomas
3 Cockburn, Alexander James Edmund
1 Coke, Thomas
2 Coleridge, John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron
3 Coleridge, John Taylor
5 Cotton, Sir Henry
1 Coventry, Thomas, 1st Baron Coventry
1 Cresswell, Sir Cresswell
2 Crompton, Charles John
1 Crowder, Sir Richard Budden
1 Curiel, Juan
2 Dalison, William
2 Dalrymple, Sir David
1 Dampier, Sir Henry
1 Davis, Bancroft
5 Denman, Thomas
1 Dodderidge, John
1 Dyer
5 Erle, William
2 Erskine, James
5 Evans, Walter
12 Eyre, Sir James
3 Falconer, Alexander
1 Fergusson, James
1 Fernández-Cano y Molina, Diego
1 FitzGerald, John David
1 Foster, Sir Michael
2 Garden, Francis
2 Gibbs, Sir Vicary
2 Gibson, Sir Alexander
2 Gilmour, Sir John
2 Goezmann, Louis Valentin de
1 González Nandín, Sebastián
7 Gould, Henry
2 Grant, Sir John Peter, of Rothiemurchus
7 Grose, Nash
1 Harris, George
1 Heywood, Samuel
2 Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm
2 Holroyd, Sir George Sowley
3 James, William Milbourne
1 Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, 1st Baron
7 Jekyll, Joseph
7 Jervis, John
1 Kay, Edward Ebenezer
1 Kelly, Sir Fitzroy Edward
1 Knight-Bruce, Sir James Lewis
2 Lamoignon, Guillaume II, seigneur de Blancmesmil et de Malesherbes
3 Lawrence, Soulden
2 Le Blanc, Sir Simon
2 Lee, Sir William
2 Littledale, Joseph
1 Littleton, Sir Thomas
1 Loyseau, Charles
2 Lush, Sir Robert
2 MacLaurin, John
3 Macdowall, Andrew
3 Malins, Sir Richard
47 Mansfield, William Murray, 1st Earl
4 Maule, William Henry
1 Mellor, Sir John
2 Mencke, Lüder
1 Murray, Alexander
1 Murray, Sir Thomas, of Glendoick
7 Nares, John
3 Nisbet, Sir John
3 Parke, James, 1st Baron Wensleydale
1 Parker, Sir James
1 Patteson, John
3 Pemberton, Sir Francis
6 Perrott, George
1 Platt, Sir Thomas Joshua
3 Plumer, Sir Thomas
4 Pollock, Jonathan Frederick
1 Putnam, William LeBaron
1 Quain, Sir John Richard
3 Rae, David
8 Rolfe, Robert Monsey, 1st Baron Cranworth
4 Rolle, Henry
1 Rolt, Sir John
1 Romilly, Sir John
1 Ruiz Zorrilla, Miguel
7 Scarlett, James
3 Scott, Sir William, 1st Baron Stowell
1 Scroggs, Sir William
1 Scrutton, Sir Thomas Edward
3 Sewell, Thomas
9 Shadwell, Lancelot
1 Smith, Sir William Cusack
10 Smythe, Sir Sidney Stafford
3 Stephen, Sir James Fitzjames
2 Stuart, Sir James
11 Sugden, Edward Burtenshaw, 1st Baron St Leonards
45 Talfourd, Thomas Noon
1 Thuriot, Jacques-Alexis
2 Tindal, Sir Nicholas Conyngham
2 Underhill, Sir Arthur
1 Valdés y Barrio, Antonio
3 Wightman, William
2 Wigram, Sir James
18 Willes, Edward
2 Williams, Edward Vaughan
1 Wood, Sir George
26 Yates, Joseph
29 Yorke, Philip, 1st Earl of Hardwicke
3 de Grey, William

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