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1643* The Humble Remonstrance of the Stationers' Company Commentary: [1]
1818Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence
1832Select Committee Report: Dramatic Literature
1832Parliamentary Debates on Drama and Dramatic Literature (31 May)
1833Parliamentary Debates on the Dramatic Literary Property Act (12 March)
1838Parliamentary Debates on the International Copyright Act (20 March)
1842* Lowndes' Historical Sketch of the Law of Copyright Commentary: [1]
1851Anglo-French Copyright Treaty
1854* Jeffreys v. Boosey Commentary: [1]
1870* Copinger's Law of Copyright Commentary: [1]
1878* Royal Commissioners' Report Commentary: [1]
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence
1886Correspondence respecting the Copyright Union
1886Berne Convention