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1546* Privilege Granted to Enea Vico (Parmigiano) (Italy) Commentary: [1]
1556* Privilege Granted to Giovanni Ostaus (Italy) Commentary: [1]
1660* Decree on Engravings (France)
1735* Engravers' Copyright Act (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1735The Case of Designers, Engravers, Etchers, &c. (United Kingdom)
1777* Royal declaration on sculpture and painting (France)
1798* Models and Busts Act (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1853Blaine's Laws of Artistic Copyright (United Kingdom)
1857* Wächter: 'Publishing Right' (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1861Parliamentary Debates on the Fine Art Copyright Bill (6 May) (United Kingdom)
1862* Court of Cassation on photography (France) Commentary: [1]
1862* Fine Art Copyright Act (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1862Parliamentary Debates on the Fine Art Copyright Act (22 May) (United Kingdom)
1868* Proudhon: 'Les Majorats littéraires' (France)
1876* Copyright Acts for the German Empire regarding works of art, photography, and designs (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence (United Kingdom)
1883Burrow-Giles' Brief (United States)
1896Hearing on H.R. 5976 (United States)