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1559* Elizabethan Injunctions Commentary: [1]
1559* Day's privilege for The Cosmographical Glass Commentary: [1]
1566* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1586* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1637* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1643An Ordinance for the Regulation of Printing
1695Reasons for objecting to the renewal of the Licensing Act
1709Reasons Humbly Offer'd for the Bill for the Encouragement of Learning
1751Tonson v. Walker
1773* Hinton v. Donaldson Commentary: [1]
1773Information for Messrs John Hinton et al
1813Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence
1814* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1814Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Act (18 July)
1818Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence
1828* Maugham's Treatise Commentary: [1]
1847* Foreign Reprints Act Commentary: [1]
1854* Jeffreys v. Boosey Commentary: [1]
1872Correspondence and Papers on Colonial Copyright
1874Correspondence respecting Colonial Copyright
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence