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1518* The Articles of the Pope's Bulle Commentary: [1]
1538* Henrician Proclamation Commentary: [1]
1553* Totell's Printing Patent Commentary: [1]
1559* Elizabethan Injunctions Commentary: [1]
1624* Statute of Monopolies Commentary: [1]
1637* Star Chamber Decree Commentary: [1]
1643An Ordinance for the Regulation of Printing
1647Ordinance against Unlicensed or Scandalous Pamphlets
1649An Act against Unlicensed and Scandalous Books and Pamphlets
1653An Act for reviving [the 1649 Act]
1663L'Estrange's Considerations and Proposals
1693Locke's Memorandum on the 1662 Act
1695Reasons for objecting to the renewal of the Licensing Act
1853Blaine's Laws of Artistic Copyright