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1741* Pope v. Curl (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1741Pope's Bill of Complaint, and Curl's Answer (United Kingdom)
1741Pope v Curl: Entry from the Court's Book of Orders (United Kingdom)
1752Regulations and Rules for the Printing Industry in Sweden (Scandinavia)
1828* Maugham's Treatise (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1841* Report of Lamartine and parliamentary debates on literary property (France)
1841* Folsom v. Marsh (United States) Commentary: [1]
1841Master in Chancery Report (United States)
1847* A Treatise on the Law of Copyright (United States) Commentary: [1]
1853* Bluntschli: On Authors' Rights (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1857* Wächter: 'Publishing Right' (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1870* Copinger's Law of Copyright (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
189150 Prussian Expert Opinions from 1870-1876 (Germany)