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1518* The Articles of the Pope's Bulle Commentary: [1]
1553* Totell's Printing Patent Commentary: [1]
1553William Seres' Printing Patent
1553John Day's Privilege for the Catechism
1558Calve's privilege for the 'Holsome and Catholick Doctrine'
1558Phayer's privilege for Virgil's Aeneid
1559Day's The Cosmographical Glass
1559* Day's privilege for The Cosmographical Glass Commentary: [1]
1559Jugge and Cawood's printing patent for statute books
1559Totell's patent for Common Law Books
1618Daniel's The Collection of the Historie of England
1662* Licensing Act Commentary: [1]
1761Tonson v. Collins
1773Information for Alexander Donaldson
1774Hargrave's Argument in Defence of Literary Property
1774The Cases of the Appellants and Respondents
1774The Pleadings of the Counsel before the House
1777* Bach v. Longman Commentary: [1]
1801* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1801A Bill for the Further Encouragement of Learning