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1479* Privilege of the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg Commentary: [1]
1511* Imperial Privilege for Arnolt Schlick Commentary: [1]
1525Luther's 'Admonition to the Printers'
1531* Basel Printers' Statute Commentary: [1]
1545* Luther's 'Warning to the Printers' Commentary: [1]
1738* Thurneysen: On the Illicit Reprinting of Books Commentary: [1]
1740* Encyclopaedia Article on 'The Reprinting of Books' Commentary: [1]
1750Fritsch: Treatise on Book Printers, Booksellers, Paper Manufacturers and Bookbinders
1785* Austrian Statutes on Censorship and Printing Commentary: [1]
1790* J.F.F. Ganz's draft for a general ban on reprinting within the whole Empire Commentary: [1]
1793* Fichte: Proof of the Unlawfulness of Reprinting Commentary: [1]
1799* Kehr: Apology of the Reprinting of Books Commentary: [1]
1806Reprinting Regulation for the Grand Duchy of Baden
1815* Annotated Publishers' Petition to the Congress of Vienna Commentary: [1]
1844* Saxon Copyright Act Commentary: [1]