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1781Andrew Law's Privilege
1783Massachusetts Copyright Statute
1783Maryland Copyright Statute
1783New Jersey Copyright Statute
1784Pennsylvania Copyright Statute
1785Virginia Copyright Statute
1786Georgia Copyright Statute
1786New York Copyright Statute
1792Purcell's Printing Privilege
1830Letter from John McLean to Richard Peters Jr.
1838Memorial of a Number of Citizens of Boston
1852Copyright and Natural Right
1853British-American Copyright Convention Draft
1853Stowe v. Thomas, Complainant's Bill
1853Stowe v. Thomas, Defendant's Answer
1853Affidavit of Harriet Beecher Stowe
1899Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing Co., District Court Decision
1900Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing Co., Circuit Court Decision
1902Bleistein: Donaldson Lithographing Co. Brief