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Bilateral treaty between Switzerland and France, Zürich (1884)

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Bilateral treaty between Switzerland and France, Zürich (1884), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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which are to apply in France.

            Article 1.

      The authors, or, as the case may
be, originators of books, pamphlets,
dramatic works, or other
written works, of musical compo-
sitions or arrangements,
drawings, illustrations,
paintings, works of sculpture,
engravings, lithographies, photographs
and all other such products
from the realm of literature
or art, which are published in
Switzerland for the first time,
are to enjoy in France the advantages
which are currently accorded by
the law there, and any that happen to
be accorded in future, to the proprietor
of literary or artistic works; and
against any encroachment on their
rights they will receive the
same protection and the same
legal assistance as if that encroachment
had been committed with regard to
the authors of works which were
published for the first time
on the territory of the French
      However, these advantages
will be guaranteed to the authors
of such works only for as long
as their rights are protected in
their own country; and the benefit
of such advantages in France cannot
be claimed for a longer term
than that which applies to them
in Switzerland.
      The property in musical
works also extends to the
so-called arrangements of themes
which have been drawn from these
very works.
      Every privilege and advantage
that, with regard to the property
in works of literature and art,


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