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French Decree of 30 August 1777, on the duration of privileges, Paris (1777)

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France : Mss. Fr. 22073 n° 146

French Decree of 30 August 1777, on the duration of privileges, Paris (1777), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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for the remainder of the author’s life, where the latter
lives beyond the expiration of the privilege.

      Any author who obtains in his own name the privilege
to his own work, shall have the right to sell that work in
his own home, but may not under any pretext sell or
negotiate the sale of any other book; he shall retain the
privilege for himself and his heirs in perpetuity, so long
as he does not transfer it to a bookseller; in which case
the duration of the privilege shall be reduced, as a
consequence of that transfer, to the life of the author.

      All booksellers and printers, after the expiration of
the privilege to a work and the death of the author, may
obtain a permit to produce a new edition of that work; the
same permit accorded to one or several individuals shall not
prevent any other individual from obtaining that permit.

      The permits provided for in the preceding article shall
be delivered simply on the signature of whomever the Chancellor
or Keeper of the Seal shall appoint as general director of
booksellers; and in order to stimulate commercial speculation,
those who request such a permit shall also be made aware of
all similar permits, obtained by others, concerning the same
work, and of the number of copies they have been allowed to
print off.

      Since he does not wish to allow these permits to be
obtained in an illusory manner, nor that they be obtained by
those whose do not intend to use them, His Majesty orders that
permits shall only be granted upon payment of the relevant fee,
according to a tariff to be fixed by the Keeper of the Seal.

      The total of these fees shall be received by the Syndics &
Deputies of the Chamber of Syndicates of Paris, or by the person
appointed by them for the purpose; they may only relinquish such
fees at the order of the Chancellor or Keeper of the Seal,


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