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Tax Exemption for Books, Valladolid (1477)

Source: Archivo General de Simancas. AGS, RGS, XII-1477

Tax Exemption for Books, Valladolid (1477), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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as those that always have to be paid in our
kingdoms and in all the Christian kingdoms
and provinces and lands. This does not involve
you or any of you specially in these said ports
of Cadiz and Sanlucar for which you have and
continue to ask and charge tax for the
aforementioned books that have thus been
brought in for selling and unloaded in the
said ports. You cannot and must not ask for
or apply a tax on this, nor treat badly or abuse
whoever is involved in the above-mentioned
book trade, in which it is said that grave damages
and harmful consequences are received.
We hereby beg that you provide him with a legal
remedy, or as your grace wishes and deems acceptable.


en estos nuestros reynos e en todos los reynos
y proviincias y tierras de cristianos e que esto no
enbargante vosotros o alguno de vos
especialmente en esos dichos puertos de
Cadiz y Sanlucar avedes tentado y tentades
de le pedir y llevar derechos de los dichos
libros que ansy trahen a vender e se viniesen
a descargar a los dichos puertos no los podiendo
ni deviendo pedir ni levar e que sobre esto
maltratades e injuriades a el a sus factores
que por el tartan la dicha negociacion de libros,
en lo qual dise que si asi pasase el recibiria grande
agravio y dano, e pedioneos por merced que sobre
ello le proveyesemos de remedio con justicia, o
como la nuestra merced fuese e nos tovimoslo
por bien.


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