Totell's Printing Patent, Westminster (1553)

Source: photographed at the National Archives, Kew: C66

Totell's Printing Patent, Westminster (1553), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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D con licenc per Rico Tathill
Edwarde the sixte &c To all maner Printers bokesellers, Stacioners and to all oure officers ministers
and Subiectes Gretinges. We do you to understande that of oure grace especiall certayne knowlege and
mere mocion haue geuen and graunted lycence and priuilege and by theis presentes we do geue and graunte
licence and priuilege unto oure welbeloued subiecte Richarde Tathill of oure Citie of London
Stationer and Printer that it shall or may be lefull to the saide Richarde and his assignes to
imprint or cause to be imprinted for the space of seuen yeres next ensuinge the date hereof all
and almaner bokes of oure temporall lawe called the common lawe whatsoeuer they be wherof no
other person or persons hathe at this present any speciall preuilege or licence under sufficient writinges
heretofore made and graunted so as the copies of the same bokes be allowed and adiuged mete to
be imprinted either bi one of the Justeces of the lawe or two seriantes or three apprentices of the
lawe whereof thone to be a redei in Courte. And further oure pleasure is that in recompence of
his maustrie paines and charges to be sustened in that byhalf that no other pson or psons shall
attempte to imprint or cause to be imprinted any other boke or bookes which the saide Richarde
Tathill shall first take and imprinte or cause to be imprinted oute of the written copye duringe
the tyme of this oure priuilege upon paine of forfaictinge to oure use all suche bookes. Willinge
therfore and commanding all oure officers mynisters and subiectes as thei tender oure fauour and
will auoide oure displesure that they and euery of them if nede require do ayde and assiste the
saide Richarde and his assignes in the due accomplishment and execucion of this oure licence
and preuilege with effecte accordinge to the true meaninge of the same. In witnes wherof &c
T R apud Westm xij die aprilis per bre de privato sigillo &c


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