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1781Chodowiecki's Allegory 'Works of Darkness'
1785* Kant: On the Unlawfulness of Reprinting Commentary: [1]
1793* Fichte: Proof of the Unlawfulness of Reprinting Commentary: [1]
1794* Prussian Statute Book (ALR) Commentary: [1]
1821* Hegel: Remarks on Intellectual Property Commentary: [1]
1827* Treaties on reciprocal protection between Prussia and various German States Commentary: [1]
1832* Gans: On the right to perform published stage plays Commentary: [1]
1834Review of Neustetel's book
1837* Prussian Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1837* Directive for reciprocal copyright protection within the German Confederation Commentary: [1]
1838Ordinance on the Establishment of Societies of Copyright Experts
1848Expert opinions of the Prussian Literary Experts' Association 1838-1847
1870* Copyright Act for the German Empire Commentary: [1]
1876* Copyright Acts for the German Empire regarding works of art, photography, and designs Commentary: [1]