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1658* Schupp: The Book Thief (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1740Privilege of the Protestant Swiss Cantons (Germany)
1740* Encyclopaedia Article on 'The Reprinting of Books' (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1765* Philipp Erasmus Reich and the Leipzig publishers' cartel (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1774* Pütter: The Reprinting of Books (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1827* Treaties on reciprocal protection between Prussia and various German States (Germany) Commentary: [1]
1829Music publishers' agreement to ban reprinting (Germany)
1842* Lowndes' Historical Sketch of the Law of Copyright (United Kingdom) Commentary: [1]
1848Jay, Bryant and Others' Memorials (United States)
1853Bilateral Treaty between Hamburg and Great Britain (Germany)
1858Report of the Artistic Copyright Committee (United Kingdom)
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence (United Kingdom)