Privilege of the Duke of Bavaria, Augsburg / Ingolstadt (1517)

Source: Forschungsbibliothek Gotha Mon. typ. 1517 4° 24 (3)

Privilege of the Duke of Bavaria, Augsburg / Ingolstadt (1517), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Privilege granted by Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria for Johannes Turmair's grammar book 'Rudimenta Grammaticae'

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Jllus: Principibus Vil||elmio/ Litauico/ Arionisto, Literari#[que] || Reipublic Boiorum Dedicat || Rudimenta gramaticae || De octo partibus orõis & constructione, Grco||rum declinatione seorsum || ... Encyclopedia or||bis#[que] doctrinarum in calce. Ioannes Auentinus || Thurinomarus edidit atque recognouit || ... ||(ILLVSTRISSIMI PRIN||CIPIS ARIONISTI || DVCIS BOIORVM || ... AD=||HORTATIO AD IVVENES ET || ... COMMENDATIO GRAM||MATICAE AVENTINI || PRAECEPTORIS SV

The privilege issued by Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria on 16 December 1516 gives the bookseller Erhard Sampach the exclusive right to sell Turmair's 'Grammar' in Bavaria for a period of six years. It was first published in the edition of 1517. Sampach was based in the Bavarian university town of Ingolstadt. He had commissioned the services of the printer Johann Miller from Augsburg, a Free Imperial City not subject to Bavarian ducal jurisdiction. The Bavarian privilege may have prevented Bavarian booksellers from selling copies of the Nuremberg and Leipzig reprints, but it could not prevent the reprint of Sampach's enlarged 1517 edition which was brought out by Lotter in Leipzig, in 1520.

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Author: Johannes Turmair / Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria

Publisher: Johannes Miller / Erhard Sempach

Year: 1517

Location: Augsburg / Ingolstadt

Language: Latin

Source: Forschungsbibliothek Gotha Mon. typ. 1517 4° 24 (3)

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Sampach, Erhard
Turmair, Johann
Wilhelm IV of Bavaria

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privileges, Bavarian

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