Basel Printers' Statute, Basel (1531)

Source: Staatsarchiv of Basel-Stadt. 'Erkanntnisbuch' StABS, Ratsbücher B 4, p. 96 recto and verso

Basel Printers' Statute, Basel (1531), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Basel Printers' Statute of 28 October 1531 as laid out in the Basel 'Statute Book'

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Verordnung der Stadt Basel vom 28. Oktober 1531 betreffend die Angelegenheiten der Buchhändler aus dem Basler 'Erkanntnisbuch'

This is the first municipal printers' ordinance enacted in the printing centres of the Upper Rhine region, and it is also the first general prohibition of reprinting in the German lands. The document is part of the Basel Council's Statute Book (lit. 'Book of Findings' - 'Erkanntnisbuch'). It provides for a fixed three-year term of protection and stipulates that a sum of 100 gulden is to be paid as a fine by those who violate it. Moreover, the Statute forbids the printing of anything that 'could harm the city of Basel', as well as any attempts by printers to entice away colleagues' staff by offering higher wages and so on. The Statute, therefore, tacitly acknowledges that the printing business requires investments not just in terms of capital but also in terms of manpower: hence this provision to prevent printers from losing their staff to competitors. The Basel Printers' Statute has been recognised as the very first act of municipal printing regulation in the early centres of printing in the Upper Rhine region during the sixteenth century. This commentary will focus on the distinction between the concept of 'publishers' property', as it was formulated in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and the eighteenth-century notion of 'intellectual property'.

1 Commentary:

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Author: Council of Basel

Publisher: Unpublished

Year: 1531

Location: Basel

Language: German

Source: Staatsarchiv of Basel-Stadt. 'Erkanntnisbuch' StABS, Ratsbücher B 4, p. 96 recto and verso

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Cratander, Andreas
Curio, Valentin

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Curio v. Cratander (1522)

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Basel City Council

Basel Printers' Statute 1531

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