Kramer: Rights of Writers and Publishers, Heidelberg (1827)

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Kramer: Rights of Writers and Publishers, Heidelberg (1827), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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The Rights of Writers and Publishers

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Die Rechte der Schriftsteller und Verleger

Wilhelm August Kramer (1798-after 1846) was matriculated as a law student at Heidelberg University on 22 October, 1825. Kramer assumes an author's 'property' in the 'writing' ('Schrift'), i.e. 'an utterance, which, delimited by specific words and permanently represented by visible characters, contains a complete thought'. Even a single sentence is an object of copyright, and similarly in the case of a translation. As a result of this focus on the 'writing', Kramer succeeds in including music by means of an analogy between musical notes and written characters. As a consequence of his strict property approach, Kramer in principle acknowledges no termination of intellectual property, if not specified by the government. In Kramer's system the author has a strong position vis-à-vis the publisher, who is 'obliged to distribute the writing only within the circle which the author has indicated to him' and is not authorised to change the work as provided in the manuscript. Although no other juridical book or article was published under his name, Kramer's book on copyright was quite important throughout the 1830s.

1 Commentary:

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Author: Kramer, Wilhelm August

Publisher: C.F. Winter

Year: 1827

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