Mandry: Commentary on the Bavarian Copyright Act of 1865, Erlangen (1867)


Mandry: Commentary on the Bavarian Copyright Act of 1865, Erlangen (1867), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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The Law of 28 June 1865 to protect author's rights in literary products and works of art explained by Gustav Mandry, published as part of the series 'Legislation in Bavaria since Maximilian II'

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Gesetz vom 28. Juni 1865 zum Schutze der Urheberrechte an literarischen Erzeugnissen und Werken der Kunst erläutert von Gustav Mandry

The Bavarian Copyright Act of 1865 was, as Elmar Wadle has put it, one of the most advanced pieces of copyright legislation of its time. It was based on the so-called Frankfurt draft that had been discussed and worked out between October 1863 and May 1864 by a commission of experts under the guidance of the Austrian councillor and composer Johann Vesque von Püttlingen (1803-1883), and was meant to be presented as a bill for a harmonised copyright statute that would cover the whole German Confederation. However, when the draft was eventually submitted to the Federal Assembly in 1864, the antagonism between Prussia and Austria had aggravated even further, and so the draft was turned down by the Assembly.

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Author: Gustav Mandry

Publisher: Palm & Enke

Year: 1867

Location: Erlangen

Language: German


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Mandry, Johann Gustav Karl von

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Bavarian Copyright Act 1865


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