Literary and artistic property act, Paris (1866)

Source: Bibliothèque universitaire de Poitiers (SCD) : Bulletin des Lois de l'Empire français, XIe série, tome XXVIII, n° 1405

Literary and artistic property act, Paris (1866), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Act on the Rights of heirs and of lawful representatives of Authors

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Loi sur les Droits des héritiers et des ayants cause des Auteurs

Following the failure of the very ambitious copyright bills of the 1840s, the 1866 Act finally succeeded in extending - as had been demanded in many of the debates initiated by the Commission of 1825-26 - the duration of the exploitation right to 50 years. The formulation of the 1866 Act, as Riché, the 'rapporteur' of its draft, put it, was meant to once again 'wisely reconcile private interests and the public interest with regard to the special rights granted to authors and their families'. This extension of the copyright term, which Renouard had already opposed back in 1841, was again imposed to the detriment of resolving other questions concerning the object of literary property and the conditions for protecting a literary or artistic work. In these respects the 1793 Act would still continue to be applied in the case law of the time.

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Author: N/A

Publisher: Bulletin des lois

Year: 1866

Location: Paris

Language: French

Source: Bibliothèque universitaire de Poitiers (SCD) : Bulletin des Lois de l'Empire français, XIe série, tome XXVIII, n° 1405

Persons referred to:
Abbatucci, Paul-Séverin
Barrot, Ferdinand Victorin
Boulay de la Meurthe, François Joseph, Comte
Charon, Viala, Baron de
Darimon, Alfred
Napoleon III
Troplong, Raymond-Théodore
Walewski, Alexandre Florian Joseph Colonna, Count
Welles de la Valette, Samuel, Comte

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Corps législatif (1852-1870)
Senate of France

Code civil (Napoleonic code) 1804
French Literary and Artistic Property Act 1866

books, protected subject matter
duration, post mortem term
music, protected subject matter
paintings, protected subject matter

Responsible editor: Frédéric Rideau

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