Morillot on the author's right, Paris (1878)

Source: Bibliothèque universitaire de Poitiers (SCD) : Revue critique de législation et de jurisprudence, XXVIIe année, nouvelle série, tome VII

Morillot on the author's right, Paris (1878), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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On the Nature of the Author's Right, considered from a general perspective

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De la nature du droit d'auteur, considéré à un point de vue général, par M. André Morillot.

From the 1860s onwards monographs and articles by such French jurists as André Morillot (and also the older Alfred Bertauld writing on the same subject) helped, as is now widely recognised, to establish a more 'personalistic' notion of the author's right. Morillot, in particular, sought to clearly define the nature of the prerogatives accruing to the author by virtue of his creation, distinguishing between proprietary rights and others which were more personal or extra-proprietary. He even made use of the term 'moral right', albeit still in a rather technical sense. This development was in part due to the influence of German legal theory, especially the ideas of Rudolf Klostermann. But it essentially also reflected a widespread desire amongst French jurists to come to a formal, technical recognition of the consequences of a more general conception dating from even further back - namely, that of the notionally indivisible nature of the bond tying the author to his work.

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Author: André Morillot (1849-1922)

Publisher: A. Cotillon

Year: 1878

Location: Paris

Language: French

Source: Bibliothèque universitaire de Poitiers (SCD) : Revue critique de législation et de jurisprudence, XXVIIe année, nouvelle série, tome VII

Persons referred to:
Beseler, Karl Georg Christoph
Bluntschli, Johann Kaspar
Caillemer, Exupère
Dahn, Felix
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Dareste, Pierre
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Morillot, André
Napoleon III
Neustetel, Leopold Josef
Pollux, Julius
Wächter, Oscar von

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Corps législatif (1852-1870)
University of Paris (Sorbonne)

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authorship, legal concept of
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