Ariosto's Printing Privilege, Venice (1515)

Source: Scanned from the manuscript held in the Venetian State Archives: ASV, NC, reg. 18, c.23r.

Ariosto's Printing Privilege, Venice (1515), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Ludovico Ariosto's Printing Privilege for the First Edition of Orlando Furioso

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This is an application by Ludovico Ariosto to the Venetian Collegio for exclusive rights to print and sell the first edition of his 'Orlando Furioso' (1516). The petition specifies the desired term of protection, which was to last for the duration of the poet's life, as well as a penalty for infringements of one thousand ducats, which was exceptionally high. This is one of a series of privileges which Ariosto obtained from various Italian states and France in order to extend his privilege coverage beyond one jurisdiction. His copyright was confirmed by the Venetian Senate in 1528 and in 1535, after his death, to his heirs. This case shows that the system of privileges could be a valuable instrument by which authors protected their rights and investments, though clearly designed for a restricted category of works composed by authors who were already well-known and could reckon with commercial and literary success.

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Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1515

Location: Venice

Language: Italian

Source: Scanned from the manuscript held in the Venetian State Archives: ASV, NC, reg. 18, c.23r.

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Ariosto, Ludovico
Este, Ippolito d'
Loredan, Leonardo

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Venetian Collegio (cabinet of government), in the Doge's palace

Venetian printing privilege for Ariosto (1515)

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