Pseudo-Vera Tassis: Fake edition II, Detroit, Michigan (1691)

Source: Wayne State University Libraries

Pseudo-Vera Tassis: Fake edition II, Detroit, Michigan (1691), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Pseudo-Vera Tassis – The plays of Calderon, which appeared in the edition of Juan de Vera Tassis y Villarroel (9 vols. Madrid, 1685-1698), collected in a form of sueltas, arranged in Vera Tassis’ order, and published in 9 volumes, with faked title pages and preliminary pages, thus simulating a legitimate Vera Tassis edition

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Edición pirata de la compilación que Vera Tassis hiciera de las obras de Calderón de la Barca (II)


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Publisher: N/A

Year: 1691

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Language: Spanish

Source: Wayne State University Libraries

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Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
Vera Tassis y Villarroel, Juan

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