Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence, London (1813)

Source: ProQuest: Parliamentary Papers (1812-13) Paper No.341, IV.1003-1040

Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence, London (1813), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee on Acts of 8 Anne, and 15 & 41 Geo.III. For the Encouragement of Learning, by vesting the Copies of Printed Books, in the Authors or Purchasers of such Copies, 20 July 1813, (1812-13) Paper No.341, IV.1003-1040

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Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1813

Location: London

Language: English

Source: ProQuest: Parliamentary Papers (1812-13) Paper No.341, IV.1003-1040

Persons referred to:
Aikin, John
Allwood, Rev Philip
Ames, Joseph
Astle, Thomas
Baber, Henry Hervey
Bensley, Thomas
Bowles, William Lisle
Bowyer, Robert
Britton, John
Brookshaw, George
Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton
Buchanan, Dr Francis
Buffon, George-Louis Leclerc, Comte de
Camden, William
Cochrane, John George
Coxe, William
Daniel, William Barker
Daniell, William
Dante Alighieri
Davies, William
Dibdin, Thomas Frognall
Donovan, Edward
Dryden, John
Dugdale, Sir William
Elizabeth I
Ellenborough, Edward Law, 1st Baron
Flaxman, John
Forbes, James
Froissart, Jean
Gell, Sir William
Giddy, Davies
Gough, Richard
Hodges, William
Hogarth, William
Hooker, William Jackson
Hough, John
Inchbald, Elizabeth, née Simpson
Johnes, Thomas
Johnson, Samuel
Joinville, Jean, Sire de
King, Edward
Kirby, William
Lambert, Aylmer Bourke
Lavater, Johann Kaspar
Longman, Thomas Norton
Lyson, Daniel
Lyson, Samuel
Macklin, Thomas
Manning, Owen
Marsham, Thomas
Martin, William
Maurice, Rev Thomas
Mawman, Joseph
Miller, Philip
Montagu, George
Napoleon I
Nelson, Horatio, Viscount Nelson
Nichols, John
Ottley, William Young
Parry, Henry
Pennant, Thomas
Perry, George
Pope, Alexander
Reed, Isaac
Rees, Abraham
Richardson, John
Ruding, Rogers
Salt, Henry
Schleusner, Johann Friedrich
Scott, Sir Walter
Scott, Sir William, 1st Baron Stowell
Shakespeare, William
Shaw, Rev Stebbing
Sibthorpe, John
Smith, Sir James Edward
Somers, John, 1st Baron
Sowerby, James
Spencer, George John Spencer, 2nd Earl
Steevens, George
Strutt, Joseph
Swift, Jonathan
Taylor, Dr. John
Taylor, Richard
Thornton, Robert John
Tomkins, Petro William
Tresham, Henry
Turner, Sharon
Villiers, John
Wakefield, Gilbert
White, John
Willyams, Rev Cooper

Places referred to:
Maldon (Essex)

Cases referred to:
University of Cambridge v. Bryer (1812) 16 East's 317

Institutions referred to:
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Bodleian Library, Oxford
British Museum
Cabinet des Estampes (Print Room, National Library, Paris)
Cambridge University Library
East India Company
Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh
House of Commons
Stationers' Hall
Trinity College, Cambridge
Trinity College, Dublin
University of Aberdeen
University of Cambridge
University of Glasgow
University of Oxford
University of St. Andrews

Copyright Act, 1775, 15 Geo.III, c.53
Copyright Act, 1801, 41 Geo.III, c.107
Engravers' Copyright Act, 1766, 7 Geo.III, c.38
French Copyright Act 1793
Statute of Anne, 1710, 8 Anne, c.19
U.S. Copyright Act 1790, 1 Stat. 124 (1790)

Napoleonic Wars
author/publisher relations
authors, self-publishing
book market
book trade
scholarly writing

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