Graves’ Case, London, London (1869)

Source: Squire Law Library, Cambridge.

Graves’ Case, London, London (1869), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Graves’ Case (1868-69) L.R. 4 Q.B. 715; (1869) XX LT 877

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Graves’ Case was decided by the Court of Queen’s Bench in 1869 under the Fine Arts Copyright Act 1862. The commentary casts new light on Blackburn J’s dicta concerning the statutory criterion of ‘originality’ in relation to a photograph of an engraving of a painting, by placing the decision in its legislative and enforcement context.

1 Commentary:

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Location: London

Language: English

Source: Squire Law Library, Cambridge.

Persons referred to:
Agnew, Thomas
Blackburn J
Boulding Walker, George
Burgess, W.H.
Everett Millais, John
Graves, Henry
Hannen J
Kindersley VC
Lord Abinger CB
Maguire Underdown, Emmanuel
Mellor J
More, McQueen & Co
Parke B
Sir Edwin Landseer
Spencer, J.A.
Victor Flatow, Louis
Willes J

Places referred to:
United States of America

Cases referred to:
Chappell v. Purday, 12 M. & W. 303; 13 L.J. 9, Ex.
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Institutions referred to:
Court of Chancery
Court of Common Pleas
Court of Exchequer
Court of Queen’s Bench
Stationers’ Company

25 & 26 Vict c.68
5&6 Vict. c.45

Aggrieved person
Blackburn J.
Fine Arts Copyright Act
Henry Graves

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