Privilege granted to Tommaso Pighinucci for publishing “Medicina Plinii”, Rome (1509)

Source: Vatican Secret Archives, ARM XXXIX v. 27 F. 436

Privilege granted to Tommaso Pighinucci for publishing “Medicina Plinii”, Rome (1509), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Privilege granted to Tommaso Pighinucci for publishing “Medicina Plinii”

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Privilege granted to Tommaso Pighinucci for publishing “Medicina Plinea.” This is the oldest privilege in the Vatican Documents section of the Primary Sources website, but it contains many of the elements found in later privileges throughout the 16th and early 17th centuries.

1 Commentary:

  • Jane C. Ginsburg, Proto-property in Literary and Artistic Works: Sixteenth-Century Papal Printing Privileges, 36 Colum. J. L. & the Arts 345 (2013), available at

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Author: F. Castiloneus (papal secretary whose name appears on the privilege)

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1509

Location: Rome

Language: Italian, Latin

Source: Vatican Secret Archives, ARM XXXIX v. 27 F. 436

Persons referred to:
Pliny the Elder
Tommaso Pighinucci

Places referred to:
Papal State

Cases referred to:

Institutions referred to:
Apostolic Treasury



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