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'Books Constitution' of Emperor Rudolf II, Leipzig (1713)

Source: Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg R 633

'Books Constitution' of Emperor Rudolf II, Leipzig (1713), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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together with its


Which contains a complete

of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation,
wherein may be found:

I. Its Basic Laws, from the time of the Golden Bull
of the Emperor Charles IV, issued in 1356 and thus the oldest Imperial fundamental law;
through those promulgated by successive Emperors; up to the legislation of the present,
most praiseworthy ruler, His Roman Imperial Majesty, Charles VI, that is: the already
mentioned Golden Bull, the Religious and Secular Peace Settlements, Imperial and Royal
Capitulations of Election, Recesses of the Empire and Imperial Deputations, including
the Peace Treaties of Osnabrück and Münster, and those of Nimweg and Rysswick,
followed by

II. Its Decrees, that is: Imperial, court, council,
chamber, penal, criminal, executive, coinage, and police
decrees, and various others,
as well as

III. The Imperial metric system and suchlike general constitutions,
together with
The most important police regulations passed at the Imperial Diet of Regensburg, which
was convoked in 1663 and is still carrying on, in matters of State, war, justice, coinage,
postal communications, commerce, and other fields; and any Imperial edicts
and mandates which have been issued to the Empire in these matters,
alongside an

based on the fundamental laws,
as well as an
Authentic account of the election of the Roman Emperor, and of the current Imperial
Diet of Regensburg, which concern the two highest Imperial courts: namely,
the Court of the Imperial Council and the Chamber Court of the Holy
Empire in Wetzlar, in which accounts there is a discussion not
just of their similarity, but also of their differences, as well as
an account of the customary ceremonies observed at the mentioned
Imperial election and coronation, at Imperial and Princely
Diets, during admission to the Princely Electoral College,
as well as during investitures with Imperial fiefs and
upon banishment from the Holy Empire.

Compiled from the works of most eminent authors, rare manuscripts, and by means of
valuable correspondence; arranged in due order; provided with helpful summaries
and notes, as well as a list of topics and complete index; and brought to light for the
benefit of the commonwealth
Johann Christian Lünig.
published by the Heirs of Friederich Lanck, 1713.

* Body of Civil Laws.


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