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Austrian Copyright Act (1846)

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Austrian Copyright Act (1846), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Imperial Patent of 19 October 1846.

In order to extend as far as possible the protection of literary
and artistic property against unauthorised publication, reprinting
and reproduction, We have resolved on the introduction of the
following legal stipulations and hereby order that this law be
made known and brought into effect without delay in all those
provinces of Our Empire in which the general civil statute-book
of 1 June 1811, Nr.946 of the Austrian Law Gazette (“Justizgesetz-
sammlung”, JGS), and the penal law of 3 September 1803 on crimes
and serious infractions of the civil order, Nr. 626 of the Austrian
Law Gazette (JGS), have come into force. This law is also to apply
to the Imperial and Royal military border territories and to
those persons who are subject to military jurisdiction, by analogous
application of the military penal laws, regarding which further
instructions will be made known later.


for the protection of literary and artistic property against
unauthorised publication, reprinting and reproduction.

First section.>

On the rights of authors to their literary and
artistic works.


      Literary products and works of art constitute a property of
their originator (author), i.e. of the person who originally
wrote or composed them.
      As long as no specific contracts stand in the way of this,
the following will be treated as equivalent to authors with regard
to the protection given by this law:


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