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Marco Antonio Sabellico's Printing Privilege, Venice (1486)

Source: scanned from the manuscript held in the Venetian State Archives: ASV, NC, reg. 11, c. 55r.

Marco Antonio Sabellico's Printing Privilege, Venice (1486), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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                                          1486, first September

The Account of the achievements of our city, composed by the most learned man Marco
Antonio Sabellico of Rome, by virtue of its elegance and historical truth is worthy to be
brought to the light and attention of everyone. Wherefore the lords of the Senate, whose
signatures are below, have deliberated and decreed, that the aforementioned account, through
the permission of the aforementioned Marcus Antonius, shall be given to any worthy printer,
who might print that account at his own expense and publish it, just as it befits the elegance
of the history, so that it may be worthy of everlastingness, and that it may be permitted to no
one except him to make a printing of that account under penalty of censure of the Most
Serene Dominion and of 500 ducats, whether so in Venice or in any city or place of this Most
Serene Dominion.

                    Ser Lucas Navaierio.
                    Ser Fantinus de cha de Pexaro.
                    Ser Zacharias Barbaro eques.
                    Ser Sebastianus Baduario eques.
                    Ser Benedictus Trivisano.


                                          Mcccclxviij, die primo septembris.

Opus gestorum urbis nostre: compositum per doctissimum virum Marcum Antonium
Sabellum Romanum: per elegantiam suam, et ueritatem hystorie dignum est
ut in lucem ominium veniat: Ideo infrascripti domini Consiliarii deliberarunt
et terminarunt, quod opus prefatum, per Marcum Antonium prefatum dari
possit alicui diligenti impressori, qui opus illud imprimat suis sumptibus
et edat: sicuti convenit elegantiae Hystoriae dignae: ut immortalis siat:
et nemini praeter eum liceat opus illud imprimi facere sub pena indi
-gnationis Serenissimi Dominii et ducatorum quingentorum tam in Venetiis quam in quacumque civi
-tate et loco Serenissimi Dominii.

                     Ser Lucas Navaierio.
                     Ser Fantinus de cha de Pexaro.
                     Ser Zacharias Barbaro eques.
                     Ser Sebastianus Baduario eques.
                     Ser Benedictus Trivisano.


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