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Phayer's privilege for Virgil's Aeneid, Westminster (1558)

Source: Photographed by the National Editor at the National Archives: c.66/930

Phayer's privilege for Virgil's Aeneid, Westminster (1558), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Philippus and Mary by the grace of god &c. To all printers of bookes and booke sellers and to all other our officers
ministers and subiectes and to every of them greting. Knowe ye that wee of our especiall grace and mere mocion
in consideracion of the diligent travayle and chardges whiche our trustye and welbelouid seruaunte Thomas
Phayer Esquier hath susteyned and taken in and abowte thenterpretacion of the Aeneidos of Virgill into our
englyshe tongue for erudicion of youthe and honest recreacion of the readers of the same have gevin and graunted
and by theis presentes for vs and for the heires and successours of vs the saide Quene do geve and graunte vnto
the saide Thomas Phayer licence and pryuiledge that he and his assignes only and no other person or persones
shall from hensforth haue auctoritie and libertie to put the saide worke or any parte therof in prynte and
to sett and vtter the same at all tymes at their pleasure during the lyef naturall of the saide Thomas Phayer.
And further that it shall not be lawfull for any manner of other person or persones of our saide subiectes or of
our heires or successours to printe or procure to be imprinted the same worke or anye partes therof duringe all
the saide tyme nor any copie or copies of the translacion or doinge of the saide Thomas whiche the saide
Thomas or his assignes at his or their coastes and chardges firste prynte or set furthe during the
tyme of tenne yeres nexte ensuyinge the printinge of the same vpon payne of forfacture and confiscacion
of the same booke and bookes and every of them And also of the some of tenne poundes of euery suche
impressyon or sale to be levied and taken to thuse of vs and theires and successours of vs the saide
Quene. Wherfore we will and commaunde all you our printers booke sellers and other our subiectes That ye
nor anie of you do presume procure or attempte to printe any of the saide workes whiche the saide Thomas
or his assignes as aforesaide shall firste ymprynte during the tyme of this our saide priuiledge and licence
or to put to sale anye suche booke or bookes ymprynted contrary to this our licence and priuiledge upon the
paynes afore mencioned And as ye tender our pleasure and will avoyde the contrary prouided alwaye that
this our saide pryviledge tow[ch]ing prynting of any other booke or bookes than the saide workes of Aeneidos
shall not in any wise be preiudiciall or hurtefull to anye licence or priuiledge of printinge heretofore
graunted by vs to any other person or persons. In witnes wherof &c witnes our selves at Westmynster
the sixte daye of Maye per bre de priuato sigillo &c


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