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Seres' patent for Primers and Psalters, Westminster (1559)

Source: Photographed by the National Editor at the National Archives: c.66/941

Seres' patent for Primers and Psalters, Westminster (1559), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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per Willo Seres con ad vitam
Elizabeth by the grace of god &c To all printers bookesellers and Stationers and to all other our Subiectes gretinge
knowe ye that where we be duly informed howe our louyng Subiect William Seres of our Citie of London Stationer
and bookeseller had by the graunt of our late deare brother of worthie memorie Kyng Edward the Sixt licence to
printe all maner of prymers that then were and from thensfurth should be sett forth agreable to the booke of
Common prayer at the same tyme establisshed And in the tyme of our late deare Syster Quene Mary was not
onlie defeated therof to his great losse but was also imprisoned long tyme and depriued of gret multitude of the
said primers and also of other great nombres of bookes which tended to his vtter v[n]doyng We be pleased to gyue
and graunte and by theis presentes for vs our heyres and Successours do of our speciall grace mere mocion and
certeyn knowledge gyue and graunte full power aucthoritie priuiledge and licence vnto our said louyng
Subiect Wylliam Seres and to his assignes for and during the terme of his naturall life to imprinte or cause to
be imprinted aswell all maner of bookes of pryuate prayers usuallie and commonlie called or taken for primers ^and^ also
of Psalters both in great volumes and ^in^ small in latine or englishe which nowe be or at any tyme herafter shalbe
sett fourth and permitted by vs our heyres and Successours or by any other parsons therto aucthorised by vs to be
hadd redd used and taught of our louyng Subiectes thorough owt all our Realmes and domynyons duryng the said
tearme of his naturall life Any other priuiledge or any other order hertofore graunted or taken to the contrarie
notwithstanding. Straightlie inhibiting and forbidding all other our Subiectes to printe vtter or sell or cause
to be printed vttered or solde any other book or bookes of priuate prayers prymers or psalters than such as shalbe
by the said William Seres or his assignes prynted or caused to be printed according to the true meanyng of this
our present priuiledge vpon payne of forfaiture of all such bookes as they shall imprinte vtter or sell contrarie
to the meanyng herof. Wherfor we will and commaunde all our officers and Subiectes as thei tender our fauour
and will auoyde our displeasure that they and euery of them if nede requyre do ayde and assist the said Wyllyam
Seres and his assignes in the due execucyon of this our licence In witnesse herof &c Witnesse our self at
Westm the iij daye of Iuly per ipsam Reginam


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