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1605* Don Quixote’s Privilege (Spain)
1605* Don Quixote’s Privilege Extensions (Spain)
1677* Pirated edition of Calderón de la Barca's comedias (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1690s* Memorandum on the dispute between the Parisian and the provincial booksellers (France) Commentary: [1]
1691* Pseudo-Vera Tassis: Fake edition (Spain)
1711* Legal Deposit at the Royal Library (Spain)
1752* Privilege Tranfers: Contract between Antonio Sanz and his bookseller (Spain)
1763* Rules for Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid (Spain)
1832Parliamentary Debates on Drama and Dramatic Literature (31 May) (United Kingdom)
1834* Privilege to the Royal Lithographic Establishment (Spain)
1837* Royal Order on Dramatic Copyright (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1837* Royal Order on Music Copyright (Spain)
1838* Remarks on Literary Property (Spain)
1847* Literary Property Act (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1848* Copyright Formalities: Registration (Spain)
1854* Franco-Spanish Bilateral Copyright Treaty (Spain)
1857* Anglo-Spanish Copyright Treaty (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1861* Court of Cassation on telegraphic news (France) Commentary: [1]
1861* Supreme Court on Originality (Spain)
1862Bretón de los Herreros' Copyright Contract (Spain)
1872* Supreme Court on Artistic Copyright (Spain)
1877* Supreme Court on Music Copyright (Spain)
1878* Spanish Copyright Formalities: Certificates (Spain)
1879* Copyright Act (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1880* Copyright Regulations (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1880Franco-Spanish Bilateral Copyright Treaty (Spain)
1882* Danvila’s Copyright Treatise (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1884* Bilateral Copyright Treaty between Spain and El Salvador (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1885* First Inscriptions of Works at the Spanish Copyright Office (Spain)
1887* International Literary Congress in Madrid (Spain)
1890* Copyright Pocketbooks (Spain) Commentary: [1]
1894* Copyright Formalities: Bulletin (Spain)
1895* Núñez de Arce’s Will (Spain) Commentary: [1]