Rules for Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid , Madrid (1763)

Source: Archivo General de Simancas, GYJ-979

Rules for Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid , Madrid (1763), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Rules for the establishment of the Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid

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Reglas, bajo de las quales se ha formado la Compania de Impressores,, y Mercaderes de Libros de Madrid, en el dia 24 de Julio de este ano de 1763

After Spain came to embrace the principles of free trade, book trade guilds emerged as a way to organise commercial activity locally. In an attempt to conquer the domestic market, the Madrid guild developed different strategies. Firstly, the guild’s corporate regime offered printers and book merchants a means to lobby Royal authorities. Since the creation of the Book Merchants’ Guild, persuasive arguments were given to these authorities “for better developing this art and trade”. Secondly, the publication and distribution of specialist books (e.g., catechisms) was also instrumental in the creation of economies of scale to control markets. Yet, the most interesting aspect of the Madrid guild was that the production and distribution of books were not seen as separate activities.

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Year: 1763

Location: Madrid

Language: Spanish

Source: Archivo General de Simancas, GYJ-979

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Corradi, Angel

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Royal Order of 22 March 1763

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