Reich v. Pauli, Leipzig / Berlin and Stettin (1765)

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Reich v. Pauli, Leipzig / Berlin and Stettin (1765), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Title pages with references to Prussian privileges for Philipp Erasmus Reich's original Leipzig edition and Joachim Pauli's Berlin reprint of Gellert's Works.

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As a result, on 21 August 1766 a decree banning reprints was issued by the Berlin Chief Constable Karl David Kircheisen (1704-1770) in the presence of all the Berlin publishers, who were summoned to the town hall for this purpose. Within just a month the Prussian Cabinet Order of 28 November 1766 (d_1765) was promulgated. Despite the general ban on reprints instituted by the latter, Pauli was nevertheless able to perpetuate his pirate edition of Gellert's works on the grounds of his Royal privilege. From 1775 onwards, however, the title-page of a new, revised edition from Leipzig included references to privileges not just from the Emperor and the Elector of Saxony, but also from the King of Prussia (image 1).

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Author: Gellert, Christian Fürchtegott

Publisher: Weidmann / Pauli

Year: 1765

Location: Leipzig / Berlin and Stettin

Language: German

Source: Private Collection

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Fritsch, Caspar
Pauli, Joachim
Reich, Philipp Erasmus

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Reich v. Pauli (1765)

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author/publisher relations
authors' remuneration
book market
privileges, German Imperial
privileges, Prussian
privileges, Saxon
property theory, publishers' property

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