Venetian Decree on Author-Printer Relations, Venice (1545)

Source: scanned from the manuscript held in the Venetian State Archives: ASV, CX, Comuni, b. 36, fol. 297r

Venetian Decree on Author-Printer Relations, Venice (1545), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Press Reform Regulating Author-Printer Relations and Censorial Revision of Books by the Reformatori dello Studio di Padova

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This Decree is the first statutory measure in Venice dealing with authorship and it is often celebrated as the first European legislative act to recognise the author's 'copyright'. In reality, however, it was one of a series of remedial decrees designed to regulate the printing trade and, rather than constituting an assertion of author's rights as such, it illustrates the abuses of the book trade. While setting out censorship rules it does, though, incidentally give more recognition to the author's personality. The notion of the author as an artistic personality is for the first time legally defined and offset against the financial interests of the printers. The commentary discusses the contemporary status of the author vis-à-vis printers and publishers in the context of the emerging censorship regime.

1 Commentary:

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Year: 1545

Location: Venice

Language: Italian

Source: scanned from the manuscript held in the Venetian State Archives: ASV, CX, Comuni, b. 36, fol. 297r

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Lando, Pietro

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Institutions referred to:
Riformatori dello Studio di Padova (Venetian Board of Governors for the University of Padua)
University of Padua
Venetian Council of Ten

Venetian decree on censorial revision of books by the Commissioners of the University of Padua (1545)

Renaissance, the
author/publisher relations
authors, self-publishing
authorship, legal concept of
authorship, theory of
guild regulation
licensing, Approbation
moral rights, integrity
penalties, paid to author(s)
penalties, paid to fiscal authorities
personality theory
scribal publication

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