Decree Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549)

Source: Venice, Archivio di Stato: ASV, CX, Com, reg. 18, 197v-198r.

Decree Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Decree of the Council of Ten Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers

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Decree chartering the establishment of the Guild of Printers and Booksellers. It provided that all those concerned with printing or selling books should join in the corporation, which would restore order within the trade and offer some assistance to the Three Deputies over Heresy in policing the authors and printers of unauthorized writings. In addition to providing for censorship, the establishment of the Guild was also a further measure (after Decrees of 1517, 1527 and 1545) to regulate the printing trade in order to restore the commercial importance of the Venetian book trade by standardizing and improving its procedures. However, the commentary argues that the Guild's regulations were not rigidly enforced and the censoring of the book trade continued to rely upon the governmental decrees and proclamations. In fact, the Guild was not granted the exclusive control over published works until 1603 when it finally secured the right to grant and register copyrights.

1 Commentary:

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Author: N/A

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Year: 1549

Location: Venice

Language: Italian

Source: Venice, Archivio di Stato: ASV, CX, Com, reg. 18, 197v-198r.

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Venetian Council of Ten

Venetian decree establishing the 'Università di Stampatori e Librai' (1549)

Università di Stampatori e Librai (Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers)
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