Statute of Monopolies, Westminster (1624)

Source: scanned from the parchment copy in the UK Parliamentary Archives

Statute of Monopolies, Westminster (1624), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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An Act concerning Monopolies and Dispensations with Penal Laws and the forfeitures thereof, 1624, 21 Jac.I, c.3

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Legislation restricting the monarch's ability to make monopoly grants in accordance with the royal prerogative, and providing a statutory basis for the patent system. The legislation established the basis upon which patents for 'new manufacture[s]' might be granted to 'the true and first inventor' of the same in furthering the interests of industry, the economy, and the state. At the same time, privileges concerning printing were left unaffected by the legislation, as were those for the manufacture of saltpetre or gunpowder and for the casting and making of ordnance (canons). In limiting the term of protection for future patents to 14 years while confining existing patents for the same to a period of 21 years, the legislation influenced the choice of the two copyright terms in the Statute of Anne 1710 (see: uk_1710).

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Year: 1624

Location: Westminster

Language: English

Source: scanned from the parchment copy in the UK Parliamentary Archives

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Statute of Monopolies, 1624, 21 Jac.I, c.3

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