The Cases of the Appellants and Respondents, London (1774)

Source: British Library: 515.f.16(2)

The Cases of the Appellants and Respondents, London (1774), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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The Cases of the Appellants and Respondents in the Cause of Literary Property

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Author: Anon.

Publisher: Bew

Year: 1774

Location: London

Language: English

Source: British Library: 515.f.16(2)

Persons referred to:
Adams, Richard
Addison, Joseph
Ames, Joseph
Ashurst, William
Aston, Richard
Atticus, Titus Pomponius
Bacon, Francis
Baldwin, Henry
Bathurst, Henry, 2nd Earl
Becket, Thomas
Berthelet, Thomas
Blackstone, William
Boswell, James
Bracton, Henry de
Buckley, Samuel
Bunyan, John
Burrow, Sir James
Cadell, Thomas, Sr.
Camden, Charles Pratt, 1st Earl
Caxton, William
Charles I
Charles II
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Clarke, Sir Thomas
Davies, Thomas
Dryden, John
Dunning, John
Edward VI
Elizabeth I
Eyre, Sir James
Frederick II, the Great
Froissart, Jean
Gay, John
George III
Gilbert, Sir Geoffrey
Godfrey, Thomas
Gould, Henry
Grotius, Hugo
Gwyn, Francis
Hargrave, Francis
Harrison, John
Hawkesworth, John
Henley, Robert, 1st Earl of Northington
Henry VI
Henry VIII
Hill, Sir John
Hogarth, William
Holt, Sir John
Hume, David
James I
James II
Johnson, Samuel
Johnston, William
Kames, Henry Home, Lord
Kearsley, George
Lee, Sir William
Lettou, John
Locke, John
Longman, Thomas, II
Lowndes, Thomas
Lyttelton, Thomas, 2nd Baron Lyttelton of Frankley
Macaulay, Catherine
Mansfield, William Murray, 1st Earl
Millan, John
Millar, Andrew
Millar, Jane
Milton, John
Murphy, Arthur
Nares, John
Newton, Sir Isaac
Paulus, Julius
Perrott, George
Pope, Alexander
Prideaux, Humphrey
Prynne, William
Pulteney, William
Pynson, Richard
Rastell, William
Redman, Robert
Richard II
Richardson, John
Richardson, William
Rivington, John
Robertson, William
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of
Shakespeare, William
Shebbeare, John
Smollett, Tobias George
Smythe, Sir Sidney Stafford
Solander, Daniel Carl
Somers, John, 1st Baron
Stair, John Dalrymple, 5th Earl
Strahan, William
Swift, Jonathan
Thomson, James
Thou, Jacques Auguste de
Thurlow, Edward, 1st Baron
Watts, Isaac
Wedderburn, Alexander, 1st Earl of Rosslyn
Willes, Edward
William III
Wolsey, Thomas
Yates, Joseph
Yorke, Philip, 1st Earl of Hardwicke
de Grey, William
de Hondt, Peter Abraham

Places referred to:

Cases referred to:
Baller v. Watson (1737)
Basket et al. v. Woodfall et al. (1762)
Basket v. University of Cambridge (1758) 2 Keny. 397, 1 Black W. 105, 2 Burr. 661
Duke of Queensbury v. Shebbeare (1758) 2 Eden 329
Eyre v. Walker (1735) NA, c.11 1520/29
Forester v. Walker (1741) NA, c.11 867/54
Gulliver v. Watson (1729)
Gyles v. Wilcox (1741) 2 Atk. 141
Hinton v. Donaldson (1773)
Linet & Richardson v. Owen (1760)
Macklin v. Richardson (1768)
Millar v. Donaldson (1765)
Millar v. Taylor (1769) 4 Burr. 2303
Motte v. Faulkner (1735) NA, c.11 2249/4
Ponder v. Bradyll (1679), 13 Car. 2. Lill. Entr. 67
Pope v. Curl (1741) 2 Atk. 342
Read v. Hodges (1740) NA, c.11 538/36
Stationers' Company v. Leigh (1681) 34 & 35 Car.II Snow. 258; 2 Ch. Cas. 66
Stationers' Company v. Partridge (1709) 11 Ann. (King's Bench); 10 Mod. 105
Stationers' Company v. Wright (1681)
Tonson v. Clifton (1722)
Tonson v. Mitchell (1757)
Tonson v. Walker (1752) 3 Swans 672
Walthoe v. Walker (1736) NA, c.11 1534/62
Webb v. Rose (1732) NA, c.11 1881/156

Institutions referred to:
British Museum
Court of Chancery
Court of High Commission
Court of King's Bench
House of Lords
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
See of Canterbury
St Paul's Church
Star Chamber
Stationers' Company
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Licensing Act, 1662, 13 & 14 Car.II, c.33
Star Chamber Decree 1637
Statute of Anne, 1710, 8 Anne, c.19
Statute of Monopolies, 1624, 21 Jac.I, c.3

author/publisher relations
privileges, printing
property theory
property theory, publishers' property

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