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1537* Ordinance on the Production and Use of Books in Printed Form, Denmark–Norway
1539Appointment of Academic Printer at the University of Copenhagen
1552Letter Concerning the Danish Bible
1565Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly
1572Privilege for Petrus Johannis Godhus
1596* Total Ban on Book Imports, Denmark–Norway
1617Continued Ban on Possessing, Selling or Distributing Imported Books, Denmark–Norway
1643* Establishment of the First Printing House in Norway
1670Exclusive Rights to the Book Trade in Christiania
1684* Renewed Swedish Censorship Laws Commentary: [1]
1686Abolition of All Monopolies in the Book Trade in Norway Commentary: [1]
1688Establishment of a Printing Press in Iceland
1688Laws Concerning Printing, Censorship, and Distribution of Books and Almanacs, Denmark–Norway
1701* Censorship Instruction for Newspapers, Denmark–Norway Commentary: [1]
1721Printer Joachim Wielandt's Privilege for Popular Chapbooks, Denmark–Norway Commentary: [1]
1723Freedom to Print Non-Privileged Books, Denmark–Norway
1737Privilege of Printing Pontoppidan's Catechism Granted to the Royal Orphanage
1741* The Danish Copyright Ordinance Commentary: [1]
1748Privilege Granted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to Print Almanacs
1752Regulations and Rules for the Printing Industry in Sweden
1764Licence to Establish an Office of Advertisements in the City of Bergen Commentary: [1]
1766* The Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance Commentary: [1]
1770Abolishment of Censorship Commentary: [1]
1771Rescript Limiting the Freedom Allowed by the 1770 Legislation Commentary: [1]
1773Rescript on Post-Publication Censorship Commentary: [1]
1799* Renewed Censorship Legislation, Denmark–Norway
1810Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance Commentary: [1]
1812* Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance
1841Swedish Ordinance on the Limitation of Terms of Protection Commentary: [1]
1876Book Printer H. J. Jensen vs. The Poet Henrik Ibsen
1876Act on the Protection of Written Property, Norway
1877* Swedish Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1896Regarding Norway’s Accession to the Berne Convention