An Address to the People of the United States, New York (1843)

Source: Harry Ransom Center Ax B841 843a: An Address to the People of the United States on Behalf of the American Copyright Club (New York: The Club, 1843).

An Address to the People of the United States, New York (1843), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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An Address to the People of the United States on Behalf of the American Copyright Club

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A pamphlet advocating the legislation of international copyright protection and announcing the establishment of The American Copyright Club - an organization devoted to this purpose.

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Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1843

Location: New York

Language: English

Source: Harry Ransom Center Ax B841 843a: An Address to the People of the United States on Behalf of the American Copyright Club (New York: The Club, 1843).

Persons referred to:
Adams, John Quincy
Adlard, George
Anthony, Henry Bowen
Appleton, William Henry
Bachman, Rev. John
Bancroft, George
Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter
Biddle, Nicholas
Bidwell, Walter Hilliard
Bigelow, John
Blair, Francis Preston, Jr.
Bowen, Charles
Bradford, Augustus Williamson
Brevoort, Henry, Jr.
Briggs, Charles Frederick
Brooks, James
Brownson, Orestes Augustus
Bruce, George
Bryant, William Cullen
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Butler, Benjamin Franklin
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Carey, Henry Charles
Caruthers, William Alexander
Casserly, Eugene
Chandler, Joseph Ripley
Channing, William Henry
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Clark, Lewis Gaylord
Clay, Henry
Cone, Spencer Houghton
Croswell, Edwin
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Dana, Richard Henry, Sr.
Delf, Thomas
Dewey, Orville
Duyckinck, Evert Augustus
Eames, Charles
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Fish, Hamilton
Folsom, George
Forrest, Edwin
Foster, George G.
Francis, John Wakefield
Gallagher, William Davis
Gallatin, Albert
Gibbes, Robert Wilson
Gillespie, William Mitchell
Gilman, Samuel
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Greeley, Horace
Greene, Charles Gordon
Greene, Nathaniel
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot
Hale, Nathan, Jr.
Hall, James
Halleck, Fitz-Greene
Harper, Joseph Wesley
Harvey, Jacob
Hawks, Francis Lister
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hilliard, George S.
Hoffman, Charles Fenno
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Sr.
Ingraham, J. W.
Irving, Washington
Jackson, Henry Rootes
Jay, John
Jones, John Beauchamp
Jones, William Alfred
Keese, John
King, Charles
King, Rufus
Langley, Henry G.
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Lewis, Tayler
Lieber, Dr. Francis
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Paulding, James Kirke
Peterson, Charles Jacobs
Phoenix, Jonas Phillips
Pierpont, John
Pike, Albert
Poe, Edgar Allan
Prentice, George Dennison
Preston, William Campbell
Putnam, George Palmer
Raymond, Henry Jarvis
Richards, William Carey
Roberts, George
Robinson, Lucius
Sargeant, Epes
Simms, William Gilmore
Smith, Seba
Smith, William Russell
Smith, William Wragg
Smythe, Rev. Thomas
Snodgrass, Joseph E.
Sparks, Jared
Stephens, John Lloyd
Stevens, William Bacon
Stone, William Leete
Story, William Wetmore
Street, Alfred Billings
Stuart, John Allan
Tasistro, Count Louis Fitzgerald
Tefft, Israel Keech
Thomas, Frederick William
Tomes, Robert
Tuckerman, Henry Theodore
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin
Walsh, Robert
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Webster, Daniel
Weed, Thurlow
Welford, Charles
Wetmore, Prosper Montgomery
Wheaton, Henry
Whipple, Edwin Percy
Whitaker, Daniel Kimball
Wilde, Richard Henry
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Yeadon, Richard

Places referred to:
Astoria, Oregon
Augusta, Georgia
Boston, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Charleston, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Concord, New Hampshire
Great Britain
Louisville, Kentucky
New Bedford
New Orleans
New York
North Carolina
Oxford, Georgia
Portland, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
Savannah, Georgia
St Louis, Missouri
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Cases referred to:

Institutions referred to:
American Copyright Club
Athenaeum Hotel, New York
U.S. Congress


author/publisher relations
authorship, theory of
book market
book trade
immoral works
learning, the advancement of
property theory
property theory, authors' property
societies, copyright

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