Hardee's Memorial, Richmond (1863)

Source: Boston Athenaeum P&W 5481: William Joseph Hardee, Memorial to the Congress of the Confederate States, December 14, 1863 (Mobile: 1863).

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Memorial to the Congress of the Confederate States

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A petition by William J. Hardee to the Confederate Sates of America Congress. Before the Civil War Hardee entered a contract for publishing his book 'Rifle and Infantry Tactics' commissioned by the U.S. Army. While Hardee registered a confederate copyright for his revised edition the original book was never registered in the U.S. This resulted in republication of the original by southern publishers. In response and after losing a lawsuit on this matter, Hardee petitioned the Confederate Congress for a private legislation to protect in his book.

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Author: William J. Hardee

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1863

Location: Richmond

Language: English

Source: Boston Athenaeum P&W 5481: William Joseph Hardee, Memorial to the Congress of the Confederate States, December 14, 1863 (Mobile: 1863).

Persons referred to:
Davis, Jefferson
Goetzel, Sigmund Heinrich
Hardee, William Joseph
Jones, William Giles
Lippincott, Joshua B.
Randolph, Joseph Williamson
Titcomb, Francis

Places referred to:
Fort Morgan, Alabama
Memphis, Tennessee
Mobile, Alabama
Richmond, Virginia

Cases referred to:

Institutions referred to:
Alabama Confederate District Court
Confederate Congress (1861-1865)
Confederate District Courts
Mobile Confederate District Court
S. H. Goetzel & Co., Confederate publishing firm (Alabama State)
U.S. Congress

Confederate Copyright Statute 1861
U.S. Copyright Act 1831, 21st Cong., 2d Sess., 4 Stat. 436

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