Debate in Congress, Washington D.C. (1896)

Source: Cummings Bill, H.R. 6835, 54th Cong, 2d sess., Congressional Record 29 (December 10, 1896).

Debate in Congress, Washington D.C. (1896), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Debate in Congress over Dramatic and Musical Copyright

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Debate in Congress over Senate Bill S. 2306 for copyright protection for dramatic and musical works.

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Year: 1896

Location: Washington D.C.

Language: English

Source: Cummings Bill, H.R. 6835, 54th Cong, 2d sess., Congressional Record 29 (December 10, 1896).

Persons referred to:
Abbey, Henry E.
Aldrich, Louis
Barnard, Charles
Barrett, Wilson
Belasco, David
Braham, John Joseph
Canary, Thomas
Cayvan, Georgia
Claxton, Kate
Connolly, James Austin
Cox, Nicholas Nichols
Craigen, Maida
Crane, William Henry
Cummings, Amos Jay
De Koven, Henry Louis Reginald
Dixey, Henry E.
Draper, William Franklin
Drew, John, Jr.
Faversham, William
Frohman, Charles
Frohman, Daniel
Gottschalk, Ferdinand
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Hilliard, Robert C.
Hopkins, Albert Jarvis
Howard, Bronson
Hoyt, Charles Hale
Hulick, George Washington
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Lacey, John Fletcher
Lederer, George
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Rankin, McKee
Ray, George Washington
Robson, Stuart
Sousa, John Philip
Sulloway, Cyrus Adams
Tiffany, Annie Ward

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Jersey City
New Orleans
New York
San Francisco

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U.S. Congress


defences and exemptions
dramatic works, protected subject matter
fair use
music, protected subject matter
property analogies
property theory
public performance

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