Maugham's Treatise, London (1828)

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Maugham's Treatise, London (1828), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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R. Maugham, A Treatise on the Laws of Literary Property

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The first British legal treatise dedicated specifically to the law of copyright written by a strong advocate of the common law rights of the author. Maugham, in addition to providing a commentary upon the law of copyright, also used his work to lobby for both an extension to the copyright term (ideally resulting in a perpetual right) and a reduction in the library deposit requirements (arguing that authors should only be required to deposit one copy of their work for the British Museum). In proselytising the need for a change to the law in both areas he drew frequent comparisons with the law of other jurisdictions (in particular France and Germany). The work became a standard point of reference for many British and American authors who followed.

1 Commentary:

  • Simpson, A.W.B., 'The Legal Treatise and Legal Theory'. In Law, Litigants and the Legal Profession. Edited by Ives, E.W. and Manchester, A.H. (London: Royal Historical Society, 1983)

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Author: Robert Maugham

Publisher: n.p.

Year: 1828

Location: London

Language: English

Source: Lincolns Inn Library: Shelf 148

Persons referred to:
Abernethy, John
Addison, Joseph
Aikin, John
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Ames, Joseph
Annesley, George, 9th Viscount Valentia
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Institutions referred to:
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authors' remuneration
authorship, legal concept of
book trade
common law copyright
duration, post mortem term
fair use
immoral works
labour theory
moral rights, divulgation (first publication)
moral rights, theory
oral works, protected subject matter
perpetual protection
posthumous works
property analogies
property theory
property theory, authors' property
property theory, publishers' property
translations, protection of
unpublished works

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